Who is Jesus?

Who is Jesus? First Century Eyewitnesses Tell Their StoryStudy Edition 3d Book Cover
The stories in this book are told by people who met Jesus in the Gospels. The matericover_smal is based on stories in the Bible. They have been developed through the author’s application of imaginative prayer, as well as meditation. The stories do not pretend to be Scripture, nor are they to be used as replacement of Scripture. Ed Wills translated all passages from their original text. As historical fiction, the book intends to educate. The stories accurately reflect that era’s culture and historical context.
The purpose of this book is to imagine what a First Century person who met Jesus might have thought and felt, and the impact that encounter may have produced.
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What are people saying about this book?
“Cheryl Wills has a wonderful way to express the faith of biblical people as that faith arises in response to being with Jesus. I felt like I was there.”
Nancy HC Ward, JoyAlive.net , Catholic author and speaker
“Cheryl Wills has written a beautiful, compelling book – a collection of ‘you are there’ stories. It’s especially rich in human descriptive language that speaks to every emotion. It will confirm your faith, affirm your hope, and draw you into a closer relationship with a God that loves you. A ‘must have’ at your bedside or prayer group. The book is a tribute to a writer that really ‘gets it.’”
Patricia L. Mitchell, Teacher (retired)
“Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your book, Who is Jesus?  I really was able to feel and smell each scene of the Gospel stories.  I will sing the praises to those I know far and wide.  I truly hope many others will have an opportunity to read this great work of yours.” Carol  Sikorski, OSF
“Today I ordered another book from amazon because when I started on my nook,  I decided I wanted to hold it as I read it and be able to underline and make notes as I often do. I’m really looking forward to reading it.  Thank you again.” Cathy V.
“Thank you for introducing me to your new book.  I am enjoying it immensely.” J. Knudsen
“I just wanted to let you how your book is touching me!  I just finished reading the story of the paralytic man from Luke 5…it’s causing me to love the Bible more and realize just how living and active it is.  Glory to God!  Thank you.” Jane F.