Resurrection Reflection

Jesus came to His disciples as they were hiding in fear.

[su_heading]Differences between the four Gospels[/su_heading]

The story of the resurrection of Jesus appears in all four Gospels. However, there are significant differences between the four accounts. Questions have been raised for centuries. How many angels were present at the resurrection? How many women went to the tomb? Who got there first? There was a time when people would use these discrepancies to say that the Bible was untrue. But decades of cop shows have taught the sophisticated reader that far from discrediting the Bible, the discrepancies actually prove that the event was real.

[su_heading]Different Memories[/su_heading]In cop shows, the witnesses are usually separated and asked to recall the events. If they all say the same story exactly the same, the witnesses become the suspects. It shows that they have worked out their story and rehearsed it. Because real people don’t remember emotional events in perfect textbook chronology. It is the emotion and impact of the event that people remember. Details become a blur. But key events stand out. And that is exactly what we see in the resurrection narratives. Three key events are remembered with crystal clarity. First, the tomb was empty. Second, Jesus appeared to the women and instructed them to tell the disciples that he had risen. And third, the disciples were instructed to go to Galilee where Jesus would meet them.

Peace Be With You

But the disciples did not believe and did not go. The frightened and confused disciples stayed in Jerusalem, locked in their secret room. And so, Jesus appeared in their hiding place and said, “Peace be with you.”

So many times in my life I have failed to follow Jesus. Failed to do what he called me to do out of fear, confusion, and doubt. No wonder that at 63 years of age I am still trying to fulfill his call on my life. But even when I have strayed from the path Jesus set for me, he comes to me where I am and says, “Peace be with you.”

Our life with God is not about what we do; it is about what Jesus has done. He took our fear and confusion and doubt and nailed it to the cross so he can come to us where we are and gently embrace us. Then, in the comfort, assurance, and strength of his embrace, he carries us back to our path and sets our feet on the road of peace.

Happy Easter 2017

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