Learning to Listen to God

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There are three skills that, once learned, change everything. The first is learning to walk. The second is learning to read. The third is learning to pray.

Life can be confusing. So many choices. So many temptations. Addictions threaten to encroach on our lives. Religious liberty is under attack. Marriages struggle. People fall prey to desperation, and the desperate mind always makes bad decisions.

Hope is as near to us as the presence of God in our lives and the promise of Jesus that the gates of hell would never prevail against his Church. Fifteen minutes of solitude each day can transform confusion into confidence, and desperation into peace. Learn tools to be increasingly mindful of the Holy Spirit’s abiding presence and gentle leading.

Beginning with the prayer life of Jesus, Ed Wills guides the reader though the prayer practices of saints through the centuries. After learning about the prayer techniques of the Desert Fathers, St. Teresa of Avila, St. Ignatius Loyola, St. John of the Cross, and others, he will guide you in developing your own synthesis of prayer life that can inspire you and enrich every area of your life.

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What others are saying about Learning to Listen to God by Ed Wills:

“Ed has a great gift for making the profound truths of the mystics understandable in everyday language for everyday people.” ~ Fr. John Bolderson

“For many years as a Catholic, I have studied and learned a great deal about God. But through the techniques Ed teaches, I can say that I have come to a true experience of God.” ~ Mike B., Catholic Worker House

“I am grateful for the simple suggestions of change to my attitude and actions in prayer that Ed Wills shares in his book. Now my soul experiences satisfaction through prayer that it only imagined, and I am filled with deeper peace than I’ve ever known.” ~ Cheryl Ann Wills, author of Who is Jesus? 1st Century Eyewitnesses Tell Their Stories

“Ed Wills shares from a wealth of pastoral and personal experience in payer. He guides the reader skillfully through the traditional Catholic understanding of prayer and the interior life. The book introduces a wealth of prayer traditions such as those of St. Ignatius of Loyola, St. Theresa of Avila, and St. John of the Cross. In this immensely practical book, he also helps the reader to explore Christian mystical traditions from the Eastern Church, often neglected in Catholic introductory works on prayer. In recent years the perennial Catholic tradition of the West has been stimulated by an appreciation of the riches of these Eastern mystics such as St. John Climacus. Ed Wills book celebrates a reuniting of Eastern and Western Catholic Traditions on prayer. Although the book covers a great deal of material it remains a practical guide for the beginner in prayer.” ~  Scott McKellar, Bishop Helmsing Institute

Click the image to preview Ed’s book


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