Where Do I Go From Here?

Where Do I Go From Here?3DCover
•Empowers you to discover what you truly want from life and then shows you how to get it.
•Takes you from identifying your core values all the way to making your life vision, that’s based on those values, a reality.
•Is like a workshop in a book that’s supported by guided meditations.
•Is a perfect gift for the person at a career crossroads or experiencing other life changing events like graduation.
Everyday millions wander through life unrewarded and unfulfilled. Many have fallen into jobs or careers that don’t reflect who they truly are. As a result they find themselves restless and uncertain of the future.
 It’s time for everything to change. Ed helps you uncover your true core values, discover innate talents, decide what you really want out of life, and lay out a plan to get it. He does this through discussions, thought exercises, and guided meditations that help you unleash the power of your subconscious mind into your intuition and creative imagination.
In Where Do I Go From Here?, Ed introduces the concept of Stillness, a form of meditation designed to increase your imagination, heighten your awareness of your intuition, and improve your problem solving ability.

What others are saying about Ed’s book.

Annie_SmThis book was absolutely phenomenal. I learned so much about myself and about what I prioritize in my life. It helped me realize what I really want my next step in life to be, and how my future steps and goals all fit together. It showed me how to stay focused and find my true passion. It taught me how to organize my life, my dreams, and my future. There are so many things I would like to do and be, and this book helped me break it all down and figure out everything I need to get there.
 It was realistic and practical, well written and well researched. Doing the worksheets is essential. You can’t just read this book, you have to work at it. Just like you will have to work to change your life, this is the first step. It was great to read the quotes and stories from not only big name inspirational people, but also regular people with small businesses or other personal successes. It was amazing to discover how these people started off so small and how many obstacles they had to face. It helped me believe that, with the right tools, plan, and action, I can achieve my own success, too.
 I would absolutely recommend this book and I already have.
– Annie W. University of Colorado Law School
 Denise Mills Bio Photo“I love Where do I Go From Here? I use it as a guide for several of my coaching clients. Thank you, Ed, for such a wonderful resource that is so well written and easy to use. I recommend it for everyone regardless of where they are on their path to ultimate success.”
– Denise Mills, Chief Mindset Officer, LeaderFuel NOW, llc
 DrLadd“Our thoughts can have an incredible amount of power over our life.  To be in control of our monkey mind – instead of it having control over us – is one of the most important skills anyone can master.  Ed Wills’ book can be a significant part of your shift to being more in control of your mind, life, and destiny.”
– Dr. Ladd Carlston, Director and CEO, Mind in Motion
 Karen“An incredible book. Ed is an experienced trail guide through the jungle of life’s questions, doubts, and discoveries. Step by step, he takes you to true joy and fulfillment in life. His concept of Stillness brings the wisdom of the ancients into the modern home or boardroom. Don’t invest another day of your precious time without the advantages this book can bring you.”
– Karen Fili Sullivan, Health Coach and author of The Zen of Weight Loss
If you’re fed up with life the way it’s always been or life where it’s heading, this is your book.
If you want change that empowers your life, this is your book.
If you want to discover the peace and joy within you, this is your book.

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