Realizing God’s Presence in the Mundane

The other day as I arrived at work, I was stressed from the traffic and the weather. Aware of my inner turmoil, as I turned off my car; I paused, took a deep breath, and brought my focus on God. Inwardly, I recited my life-verse, “Oh give thanks to the Lord for he is good. His mercy endures forever.” (Psalm 118:1) Suddenly, I was keenly aware of Christ’s presence in the mundane reality of my daily commute.

Jesus promised to always be with us, and he is. We become too busy and distracted to notice, but he is there. It is simply a matter of focus. If we focus on the ‘busy-ness’, make that craziness, all around us, we can become anxious and confused. But if we focus on the eternal reality that lies beyond the immediate, like the bedrock that invisibly supports us beneath our feet, we find peace and confidence in his presence.

2 thoughts on “Realizing God’s Presence in the Mundane”

    1. A life-verse is a passage of Scripture that holds special meaning to you and provides guidance for your life. It is one of those verses you memorize and recite often. It gives you wisdom and courage as you face life’s challenges. You may keep your life-verse throughout your life, or it may change in different periods of life. I have held onto Psalm 118:1 for several years now. I seem to always find myself in need of God’s love and mercy, and it encourages me to know that God’s love and mercy never fail. No matter how far I fall, God’s love and mercy always reach me.

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