Discovery Classes

These discussions were given at Guardian Angels Catholic Church in 2020 as a means to provide a deeper exploration into the Catholic Faith. As all things in 2020, the classes were made available online and most participants attended remotely. They have been updated with graphics intended to enhance the presentations.

What makes this presentation of the Catholic Faith different is its scientific approach including disciplines of archeology, anthropology, and even quantum mechanics.

In is intended for seekers who desire to understand the Catholic Faith in its context as the continuum of man’s search for God from the beginning of human history.

It is intended for seekers who desire to understand the nature of God both from a scientific understanding of the universe God created and divine revelation to those who through prayer and meditation came to know God who desires to be known.

It is intended for seekers who have an intuitive sense that there is something wrong with religion in the world and desire to know a true path to peace, unity, and love.

I pray for all who join these discussions, that you will find the One whom you seek, for he who named himself “I AM” seeks you.

Discovery Class #1 – Who is God

Discovery Class #2 – Primitive Religion (Man’s Search for God)

Discovery Class #3 – Jewish Roots of Christianity Abraham to Moses

Discovery Class #3b – Jewish Roots: Moses and the Passover

Discovery Class #4 – The Teachings of Jesus

Discovery Class #5 – The New Covenant in Christ’s Blood

Discovery Class #6 – Jesus Establishes the Church

Discovery Class #7 – Should the Bible be Taken Literally

Discovery Class #8 – Living a Relationship with God

Discovery Class #9 – The Quantum Sacrament

Discovery Class #10 – Holy Eucharist

Discovery Class #11 – Liturgy

Discovery Class #12 – Prayer