Key Points Of Jesus’ Teaching In The Great Sermon.

  1. The hardships of this life will be tuned into glory in the next life. (Matthew 5:3-12)
  2. We are placed in this world for a purpose: to share the life of God we enjoy with others. (Matthew 5:13-16, 7:12)
  3. True religion is not about external observance, but arises from our secret interior life with God that flows from the inside to the outside and is realized in our love of God and of all people, even our worst enemies. Matthew 5:17-48)
  4. Do not look down upon others or judge them. Focus on your own relationship with God and leave God to deal with others. (Matthew 7:1-5
  5. Always pray and do not give up praying. Remember prayer is your private conversation with God. Don’t make a spectacle of it. But do not think prayer is giving God your wish list. Just proclaim his perfect will and authority in every situation and trust in his almighty power. (Matthew 6:1-18, 7:6, 11)
  6. Always seek to follow God. Let the world go its own way, and focus on your own walk with God. Beware of people who claim to know God but are really manipulators who serve themselves instead of God. Build the foundation of your life on Christ’s teachings because all others will fail you. Matthew 6:22-23, 7:13-26)
  7. Do not worry about the struggles of this life or pursue your security in how much money you have set aside. Trust God to work everything out and fill you with blessings beyond your wildest imagination. (Matthew 6:24-34)